People interested in an intimate and relaxing experience are truly recommended to visit the Taveuni Palms Resort in Fiji for their next vacation.

The Taveuni Resort is an amazing retreat with various top quality facilities including two private guest houses, a freshwater swimming pool and miles of secluded white sand beaches. Visitors to the resort are spoiled with a huge selection of vacation activities including hiking, snorkeling, kayaking, and even scuba diving.

The island itself has long been popular for its colorful and unique marine life which includes tropical fish and huge varieties of hard and soft coral reefs. The Taveuni Resort is only a short distance away from several excellent diving sites such as the Great White Wall, Rainbow Reef and the Purple Wall.

Diving in the Reef Offers Unique Experience

Experienced and even beginner divers are recommended to see the Greet White Wall Reef, since it is a one of a kind experience. This reef has tunnels which divers can swim through where they can see an amazing white glow originating for the soft coral reef surrounding them. Divers can swim out of this reef from two different exits, at 33 feet or 88 feet. People can rent diving equipment and hire certified diving instructors from one of the two diving centers located a few minutes away from Taveuni Palms Resort. Divers from various skill levels will definitely enjoy scuba diving here.

The Gorgeous Beachfront Villas

Visitor will also enjoy their stay at the Taveuni Palms resort where they can choose from one of the two beachfront villas which are fully staffed for a more enjoyable relaxing vacation. Full room support is provided by the entire staffs that are constantly tending to your needs. Each villa is equipped with various top of the line facilities which include two bedrooms, a swimming pool, a completely equipped kitchen, and an amazing indoor/outdoor bathroom.

For those of you who wish to rest and relax outdoors can do so on the deck since it equipped with chairs so visitors can enjoy the breathtaking views of the ocean. Visitor can also enjoy scenic outdoor views such as the tropical sunset and amazing starlit skies.

Visitor of the resort will be pampered by the various personal staff stationed at each villa. Each villa has a personal maid that will do various chores such as provide laundry service, daily housekeeping, and even decorate the villa with fresh flowers every morning. People with definitely enjoy their stay at the Taveuni Palms Resort since the maids there are quite professional at their task thus ensuring a relaxed and easy environment.

Personal Dining at its Best

When you visit this resort, meals will be prepared for you by your very own private chef and supporting kitchen staff. Guests can go along with the special of the day or even request anything they are craving to eat. The staff at each villa is more than willing to facilitate the needs of their guests. This is quite convenient since guests won’t have the hassle of eating out since the food is already prepared from them at their villa.

Getting There

People that wish to stay at Taveuni Palms Resort for their next vacation only need to catch a plane to Nadi International Airport in Fiji and then hop on a connecting flight to Taveuni Island where they will be happily greeted by the Taveuni Palms staff at the airport which is only five minutes away from the resort.


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