The New Ireland province of Papua New Guinea is one of the most beautiful and untouched island paradises left in the world today.

Travelling towards the north east of Papua New Guinea one will come upon a string of nearly perfect islands. Surrounded by fantastic coral reefs and a turquoise ocean New Ireland provides the perfect escape from our busy, crowded existence.

Island groups including the Tsoi islands, Tingwon Island, New Hanover and Kavieng are the perfect settings for an Island holiday. These untouched paradises are ideal for the tourist looking for something that differs from the crowded resort or hotel. The islands are very private and hidden places in which any visitor is warmly welcomed by the local family (tribal) groups who call this paradise their home.

The advertising slogan ‘you will come with expectations, and leave with so much more’ is a perfectly accurate description of the experience of New Ireland.

What to do in New Ireland

There is so much for visitors to this region to experience – from totally private surf breaks to coral reef dives with the locals. It is really easy to find a guide when visiting New Ireland as the locals are very friendly and willing to show visitors around their home.

Surfing and Diving in New Guinea

For anyone interested in surfing there are some fantastic reef breaks and coastal breaks off of the larger islands.

There are some of the most beautiful and untouched coral reefs surrounding all of the islands. From the most skilled to the most amateur diver, all will see masses of tropical fishes, starfish, corals and more while swimming among the reefs.

There are also some plane wrecks from World War II and with a little local help these can found and visited.

Other ways to Enjoy New Ireland

If you are particularly lucky you may even be able to go spear fishing with the locals at night for their dinner. If not with the locals then there is definitely fishing to be done for the eager fisherman with some very popular game fish including sword fish to be found.

For those who are more keen to just relax some of the smaller islands provide the perfect opportunity for some real down time. There is often only one place to stay on the small islands and they are always very affordable to stay in. This means that you are actually able to have your own very private island getaway right on some of the worlds most perfect white sandy beaches.

The locals may also put on a mini-market for you selling all sorts of things from shells to woven bags and little statuettes.

This island paradise is definitely worth visiting and the experience will stay with you long after you leave.


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