At Octopus Resort, where guests remain pretty much isolated from the hustle and bustle of the outside world, many wish to remain lost and perfect the art of relaxation.

After bearing witness to the harrowing experiences of the characters on the hit television show, Lost, some may be loathe to escape into tropical island seclusion. But Hollywood has mastered the art of instilling fear into the hearts of unsuspecting souls, perhaps even more effectively than politicians. For most, a tropical retreat is just the proper medicine to cure whatever stresses, concerns or fears ail them. At Octopus Resort on Waya Island in Fiji the only thing bound to raise one’s blood pressure is the worry that your sand crab won’t reach the finish line in the resort’s weekly crab competition. So pack your bags with a good book, your bathing suit and a bottle of sunscreen and succumb to a few lazy days of island life.


Octopus Resort is situated on Waya Island, part of the Yasawa island chain, which is about 30 miles from Fiji’s main island, Viti Levu. The best way to reach the island is by boat, which can be booked ahead of time or when you arrive in Nadi. For travelers prone to paleness from rough waters, come prepared with medicine for motion sickness.


The Octopus resort is a luxury getaway for those who cannot afford luxurious prices. Guests can choose from a range of different traditional Fijian bures, each of which is an artfully decorated sanctuary in which to retire from exhausting days of lounging. Each comes with a private bathroom, complete with an equally private outdoor shower so that you may practice your star-gazing whilst bathing. The bures are tended to daily by the meticulous housekeeping team that does not skimp on the floral accents. For the budget minded, there are private bungalows with shared bathrooms as well as the backpacker friendly dorm. On the higher end are Poppy’s Lodge and The Point, both of which take the term “deluxe pad” to higher levels.


The dominant mentality on Waya Island’s shores is generally one that abides by the notion that the mere turning of a page in novel is enough physical excursion for one day. But, not to worry if the sluggishness factor begins to wear off. For those looking to lightly tap the gas pedal, try a sunset beach stroll, or opt for a gentle massage to the sound of breaking waves. Others wishing to get things into third gear should try visiting the local church for a weekend service, or cheer on the island’s rugby team. And to really get the heart rate up, take a long hike, try snorkeling or take a PADI dive course and explore the colorful underwater world surrounding the island.

Eating and Drinking

Prepare your palette for plates of freshly caught fish, juicy tropical fruits and big tall glasses filled with sticky sweet cocktails. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are all included in the meal plan offered at Octopus Resort and you will dine among fellow guests in an oceanfront outdoor setting. For those seeking to be spur of the moment romantics, the resort offers a private candlelit champagne lobster dinner for two right on the water’s edge.

When to Visit

Fiji enjoys mild tropical weather all year round, which makes it a popular destination no matter what time of year. May to October is considered the dry season and is prone to cooler and thus, more bearable temperatures.


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