For a taste of the exotic South Pacific – where life is simple and time moves slowly – consider a holiday on a cruise ship. Memories are made of vacations such as these!

One of the most memorable sights that one is privileged to witness on board a cruise ship is to behold the break of dawn in the south Pacific ocean.

It is surely one of those glorious experiences of ocean travel – being on a small sailing vessel as she approaches a tropical island in the period just before dawn. The ship glides quietly through the surrounding darkness and yet one has a feeling – perhaps it is a sixth sense – that there is something lying ahead.

A faint glimmer of light appears on the distant horizon, a tiny sliver of orange peeps out from under the sea – and suddenly a great golden orb thrusts itself out of the ocean and the skies are suffused with light.

It is almost as if Someone had just uttered those magic words “Let there be Light!”

Island in the Pacific

Far ahead one can discern the outline of an island in the middle of the great ocean. More light, more land – and slowly, ever so slowly, as the ship gets closer and closer, one can make out hills, palm trees, and those ubiquitous signs of human habitation which provide reassurance that fellow beings live on this isolated spot of land.

South Pacific Cruises

These days, the privilege of witnessing a Pacific sunrise is not confined to the rich and famous who possess their own personal ocean-going yachts. More and more folk are discovering that enjoying an ocean holiday and travelling to exotic destinations on a commercial cruise ship is not overly expensive . Many companies today offer family-friendly holidays at reasonable prices on board a luxury vessel sailing the seven seas. And there are cruise offers and cruise deals these days not just to the south Pacific islands but to all sorts of romantic destinations – from Antarctica to the Caribbean – that allow people to get away from the routine of life for a couple of weeks (or more).

Facilities on Board Cruise Ships

And the beauty of this type of vacation is that you can more or less do your own thing on board while the ship sails between destinations. Cruise ships provide opportunities to attend classes on everything from dancing to bridge to cookery, passengers can watch a new movie every day or enjoy a musical performance, they can dance to a professional band in the evenings or read in the library during the day, they can use the gym or the swimming pool, they can go out on deck to watch whales or dolphins or polar bears in season.

Those who want to just take it easy can simply sit on deck with a book or a drink and watch the seas pass by. Most of these onboard activities and all main meals (except alcoholic and soft drinks) are included in the fare.

American author Mark TwainLong ago the American writer Mark Twain observed “Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour and catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.”

And if you are prepared to get up while it is still dark and wait up on deck until daybreak, you may even have the chance while at sea of witnessing the kind of Pacific sunrise that will live in your memory forever!


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