Classic Walk Between Onehunga and Victory Wharf in NZ’s Capital City

A north-south (or vice versa) day walk across Auckland visiting many different environments-including dormant volcanoes, ancient fortifications, forgotten zoos and parks.

The Coast to Coast trail across Auckland is one of the classic walks of Auckland, and a hidden gem in such an urban area. 16Km long, it never rises above 200m in altitude, but the views from Mt Eden and One Tree Hill are stunning and 360degrees in nature.

Where Does Auckland’s Coast to Coast Trail Start and Finish?

The two start/end points are Viaduct Wharf in the City Centre (roughly 100m from the New Zealand i-site) and Onehunga Bay in the South of the City. But as the trail can be walked in either direction, then either can be regarded as the start or the finish! If walking from north to south, the walker will need to follow yellow Coast-to-Coast trail waymarkers, and if walking from south to north, the walker should follow blue Coast-to-Coast trail waymarkers.

Where Does Auckland’s Coast to Coast Trail go?

From south to north, Auckland’s Coast to Coast Trail visits Onehunga Bay, Jellicoe Park (with a former blockhouse built to defend against a predicted Maori attack in the mid 1800’s), Cornwall Park (donated to the people of Auckland by John Logan Campbell early in the 20th Century), One Tree Hill (former home of a sacred totara tree, replaced by European settlers with an exotic pine tree, that was finally cut down in protest by Maori activists).

The route continues through Mt Eden Domain (site of a dormant volcanic crater, and with a fantastic360 degree view of Auckland city), through Auckland Domain (one of the first areas of green space reserved as park land in Auckland) and finally through some historic parts of the city centre.

How Long Will it Take to Walk Auckland’s Coast to Coast Trail?

Auckland City Council estimate that it should take between 4 and 6 hours to walk Auckland’s Coast to Coast Trail. The actual time taken obviously depends on fitness levels, time taken for stops (view, lunch etc) and the weather on the day.

How Does the Walker Return to Their Starting Point From the Finish of Auckland’s Coast to Coast Trail?

Auckland Waka Pacific buses starting with a 3 in their route number, run every half hour during the daytime between Beachcroft Road in Onehunga and stop D17 on Customs St East in Auckland’s City Centre.

Psychologically, many walkers may find it better to take the bus out (whichever direction they are walking) and walk back to their destination, rather than worry about whether they will have a wait for the bus or worse still make the last bus back! However, some walkers may prefer to walk out early in the morning without having to wait for a bus, to avoid Auckland’s sapping humidity and heat, especially in mid-summer!

One of Auckland’s Hidden Adventures, this (almost) free activity explores parts of the capital that may otherwise be overlooked by visitors to the city.


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