Stunning Fiord with Sheer Cliffs, Waterfalls, Mountains and Wildlife

The spectacular scenery of Milford Sound, New Zealand, with waterfalls, towering cliffs, soaring mountains, remnant glaciers and wildlife make a visit unforgettable.

Milford Sound in Fiordland National Park, only four hours drive from Queenstown or a two hour drive from Te Anau is one of New Zealand’s finest natural assets with spectacular views, waterfalls and wildlife. Milford Sound is arguably one of the most beautiful and spectacular places on Earth.

How Was Milford Sound Formed?

Milford Sound was once a long, deep valley gouged out of the rock by millions of years of glacial activity. Eventually the valley entrance was became open to the sea and icy waters of the Tasman sea flooded into the valley creating the Sound. Milford Sound is often called a fiord (Fjord), which is a term given to a steep sided inlet created by glacial activity and is common on the coastline of Norway.

Cliffs and Tours

The untouched majesty and grandeur of Milford Sound and the Fiordland National Park are a world treasure. It is a uniquely awesome sight to behold the fiord and its encompassing cliffs. The walls enclosing Milford Sound rise vertically about 300 metres from the sea floor to the relatively calm surface of the fiord. They then form sheer cliffs, some rising over 1600 metres above the fiord. This is truly a spectacular sight. Breathtaking in beauty and fascinating geologically, the spectacular scenery of the fiord can be experienced on a tour from the water on a cruise with companies such as Red Boat Cruises or by air on a scenic flight. An underwater experience should not be missed at the Milford Deep Underwater Observatory.

A Visit to Milford Sound

A visit to Milford Sound is filled with spectacular scenery; sheer walled mountains, hanging valleys, waterfalls, remnant glaciers, and the deep dark waters of the fiord. The natural wonder of the place is a perfect backdrop to the experience of the wildlife present in the fiord. Visitors will have the opportunity to see seals, penguins and dolphins in their natural habitat as well as the teaming underwater life of the fiord at the Milford Deep Underwater Observatory.

Getting There

The scenic drive to Milford Sound is spectacular in itself. The scenery is outstanding and visitors are sure to have their camera ready at every opportunity. Direct scenic flights operate from Queenstown and Te Anau into Milford Sound if you cannot afford the time to drive or if you wish to see the scenery from this unique perspective. The weather can be quite changeable in the region and flights only operate if weather is permitting.


The changeability of the weather should not be seen as a mere inconvenience. Visitors should be prepared for any eventuality. It can get very cold and wet even in the summer months, so carry a few extra clothes and a waterproof jacket to ensure a comfortable visit.


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