Close to Europe and a great winter destination, Morocco is a great option for families with small kids with plenty of short excursions and day trips.

Family travel to Morocco has never been easier. Travel to Morocco is easy, and there are a lot of fun activities for kids, teens and adults alike. Holidays can be arranged to include a comfortable stay, but with plenty of exciting excursions to visit medinas, camel rides into the desert, and hiking – depending on where one stays. A family holiday in Morocco combines adventure, culture and lots of fun.

Moroccan Package Deals for Families

Last minute deals from the U.K. can be found for around £315 for a one week stay at a good hotel in Marrakesh.

Visiting a city like Marrakesh or Fez gives kids and adults plenty to see or do, besides enjoying the hotel facilities. Medinas are a wonderful place to while away a few hours, with intriguing spices, smells, foods, wares and trinkets to bargain for. Pastries, fresh fruit, nuts and kebabs are readily available on the streets.

Harmattan, an Italian based tour operator with experienced and trained professional guides, such as archeologists, paleontologists and geologists. Many of them have lived in the region and been guiding groups in the Sahara for decades, many times accompanied by their own children. They know how to educate and have fun at the same time.

Moroccan Excursions for Families

Most hotels will arrange for excursions, Car hire is simple and Morocco independent travel is easy enough for visitors. Independent operators for tours and excursions are readily available. Some optional tours include:

Travel on a camel into the sand dunes of the Sahara desert.
Ride on a mule to visit ancient Berber villages.
Visit one of Morocco’s excellent beaches for surfing, diving and swimming opportunities.
Visit the palaces, mosques and open-air markets.
Ski in the Atlas mountains
Visit a kasbah (fort), which are usually beautifully renovated and in prime locations.

Tips on Travelling to Morocco with Kids

Travelling to Morocco with kids will attract a lot of attention, since Moroccans love children. Following a few useful tips will keep travellers safe:

Don’t allow kids to pet stray animals.
Drink bottled water only, or take water from the hotel along on excursions.
Keep out of the sun in the hottest times of the day.
If kids are unused to very hot climates, travel during the cooler months of the year (before or after July and August).
Allow kids and teens to swimming costumes and skimpy clothes at the beaches only.

Following a few tips and guidelines will make a trip to Morocco memorable. Families travelling to this wonderful African country usually return time after time to experience the unique culture.


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