Destination beautiful women, masked beach parties and wild west parlours. This is the cream of 2010’s hottest new year bashes.

A lot of polls go out this time of year with new year destination rankings. Mostly they remain virtually unchanged, as was the case this year with the Independent’s which had a lot of readers rattled.

Travel booking site Travelocity released booking data for the New Year period which shows that Las Vegas is the most popular place among US consumers for new year partying followed by New York City and of course a nip across the border to Mexico.

There is one spot that won’t change for a number of years – Copocaha beach, Rio de Janeiro remains no 1 best party spot for new year. All three of these destinations can be enjoyed in flip flops. Commit to complete cultural immersion and it’ll be a crazy night or two not remembered without photographic aids.

Copacaha Beach Rio de Janiero, Brazil, Samba, Most Famous Beach Party on the Planet

South Americans party in a way that puts Europeans to shame. Rio de Janiero is setting for film City of God and the most notorious new years party on the planet. Prepare to celebrate barefoot and dressed in white. On Copacaha Beach its impossible not to dance. Nearby is Samba City housing Rio’s samba schools. Samba comes out to play for Rio’s second biggest beach party of the year. Its a mix of Brazilian and African culture on display.

Drink and share chilled champagne, mingle with the transvestites and dance to the samba beat. Dress in white for good luck, then depending on what you came for add some red for romance, yellow and gold for wealth or green for good luck.

Culturally immerse yourself, dance with a pretty damsel, then, drunk off your feet, give homage to deity Lamanja. With everyone you place offerings of white flowers into the sea, then you line up gifts with lighted candles by the sea before going to the priestess Mae de Santo for a blessing. Never say no to rituals. They help you to mix with the locals and spark up friendships leading to off diary adventures and much more. Blessings are free. Be careful not to end up in one of the slum favelas nursing your hangover the next morning.

It will be the best new year unwind imaginable. Keep up with Copacaha Beach through this insightful blog.

Tijuana, Mexico, The Wild West

Destination – the wild west. Enter a Sin City of dirt cheap tequila, La Coahuila prostitutes, massage parlours, gambling dens, bent coppers and drug cartels. This is the party spot for American college kids at the city’s various nightclubs on Revolucion Avenue. This place is dangerous! A city ravaged by crime boss Garcia Simenta. Last new year 2010 there were 4 decapitations , 4 students shot dead, 5 kidnappings and 10 killed in drive by attacks. While dangerous, navigate carefully and you might survive for a disorderly but safe night of hard debauchery.

This is a place where you can bribe your way out of almost anything and get anything with money. Charlie Chaplin is blamed by the locals for starting the debauchery during the 1920s prohibition, coming across the border for shots of liquor.

You should get in fast as the city government have been trying to shake the image of vice and criminality and make it another ” Venice and another Florence,” If that happens it won’t be on this hardcore partying list. Be careful of the bent police who will clear out your wallet for bribes or throw you in a Mexican jail.

Jost Van Dyke, British Virgin Islands, Caribbean, Two Day Masked Beach Party.

A two day and night masked party, the only snag is having to book the ferry or charter a sailboat six months in advance. So only for the organised. But did I mention its a two day and night party!?

Foxy’s, one of the most famous bars in the Caribbean, hosts a party with a crowd of thousands on the beach. Dance, drink, bbq and mingle in the lush heat, then sleep on the beach til the ferry comes in the morning.

And that’s it gentlemen (and ladies) for 2017. If you’ve been somewhere else not on this list that’s more hardcore, or disagree completely, comment away.


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