Central America has some of the best spots for marlin fishing in the world. Following is some information on trophy big game fishing in Central America.

Both coasts of Central America have spots that offer some of the best marlin fishing in the world. Off of the Pacific coast, blue, black, and striped marlin are found (as are sailfish), and in the Caribbean waters on the Atlantic side, white and blue marlin (and sailfish) thrive. These are all of the world’s marlin species. Below is some information on some of the best marlin fishing spots in Central America.

Big Game Fishing for Marlin Papagayo Gulf, Gulf of Nicoya, and Gulf of Dulce, Costa Rica

The Pacific coast of Costa Rica has some of the very best offshore sports fishing for marlin in the world. Papagayo Gulf is located in the north, and just down the coast lies a large inlet, the Gulf of Nicoya. The Gulf of Dulce, another inlet close to the border with Panama also has access to some of the finest big game fishing spots in the nation, and perhaps the world. Marinas have plenty of offshore fishing guides in these spots, and some lodges and camps that allow visitors to target billfish are also found on shore bordering these waters.

Gulf of Panama Deep Sea Fishing

The entire Gulf of Panama, which fills a crescent-shaped indentation created by most of the Central American nation’s Pacific coastline has exceptional deep sea fishing for marlin. The Bay of Panama, the top part of the Gulf, is one of the most popular places for fishing travel. Some of these waters are accessible by boats from marinas in towns just near Panama City. Blue marlin and black marlin, the two largest billfish in the world, as well as striped marlin and sailfish (the latter being fastest fish on earth) thrive in the warm Pacific waters that lie just miles from the Panamanian mainland.

Offshore Fishing in Guatemala

The entire Pacific coast of Guatemala has access to prime bluewater fishing spots for marlin. Recently, Guatemala has also taken over as the big game fly fishing capital of the world, where boats have reported catching tens of billfish in single days when not targeting other gamefish like dolphin, wahoo, and tuna.

Big Game Fishing the Cays of Belize

The cays of Belize offer outstanding offshore fishing opportunities in the Caribbean. Most of these small islands are located off of the country’s northeastern coast, and some of the more popular ones with tourists, such as Ambergris Caye (which hosts bluewater fishing tournaments), have marinas and fishing guides that cater to offshore fishermen. Atlantic blue marlin and white marlin are found in the warm tropical waters off of Belize.

Catching marlin is absolutely thrilling. These beautiful fish are among the fastest that swim, and they can peel line off of the reel unbelievably fast as they perform remarkable aerial displays when they run upon first being hooked. For people looking to find the best marlin fishing spots, Central America is as good as it gets.


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