Enjoy Fall Foliage Along One of Newfoundland’s Many Nature Walks

Historic St. John’s, Newfoundland is home to a network of scenic walks and pathways. Experience autumn colours and the wonders of nature while taking an October stroll.

St. John’s has a unique series of trails that are part of the Grand Concourse. They weave throughout the city, taking walkers and joggers through parks and wooded areas and around ponds and lakes. Many of them link up to heritage sites or historic neighbourhoods, while others lead to impressive views of the ocean or cityscape. Whether it be a leisurely pond walk or a hike over rugged terrain, there’s something for everyone on the trails of St. John’s.

Quidi Vidi Lake Trail

Quidi Vidi Lake, home of the Royal St. John’s Regatta, is located in the east end of St. John’s. The trail that winds around the lake is one of the city’s most popular walking routes. Throughout the year, walkers, runners, dogs and strollers can be seen on the 3.8 kilometre loop. With a wide expanse of sky above and a crisp October wind blowing off the lake, the trail offers an invigorating walk this time of year. Take the time to observe the many species of birds that frequent the lake. Other features of the lake site include a fenced-in dog park, playground equipment and even an outdoor fitness centre.

Signal Hill Trails

The Lake-to-Lookout Walk starts at the Quidi Vidi Boathouse and follows a 1.9 kilometre route to Signal Hill National Historic Site. Signal Hill, a well known Newfoundland landmark, features several trails designed for the serious hiker. Following steep inclines and challenging terrain, visitors will be treated to views of the majestic Atlantic Ocean and St. John’s Harbour.

Trails on Signal Hill include:

Burma Road Trail
Gibbet Hill Lookout
Ladies Lookout
North Head Trail
Visitor Interpretation Centre to Queen’s Battery Barracks to Cabot Tower

Bowring Park Trails

Bowring Park, located in west end St. John’s, is a popular spot for tourists and locals. There is much to see along the walking trails that wind through the park. Visitors may admire the colourful flower gardens that bloom along the paved section of the walkway. They may enjoy feeding the ducks at the duck ponds or watching the quick movements of fish in the rivers. The trails are especially scenic this time of year, with the trees overhead bursting with the golden yellows and rich reds of autumn.

Other features of Bowring Park include:

Several statues, including one of Peter Pan
The Conservatory, which houses various plants and insects
The Bungalow, which is used for receptions.
Recreational facilities such as a playground, swimming pool and tennis courts

Mundy Pond Walk

The Mundy Pond Walk is a 2 kilometre loop in a residential area of west end St. John’s. The trail is level throughout, making it the perfect place for a leisurely stroll. There is a large parking area adjacent to the pond to accommodate walkers who arrive in vehicles. During the autumn, this walking route is a birdwatcher’s paradise as migrating birds take up residence on the water. From Mundy Pond, walkers can continue on towards Bowring Park using the Bowring Link or head on to the Waterford River Walk by way of the Waterford Link.

Long Pond Walk

The Long Pond Walk is a favourite among joggers and walkers looking for a good bit of exercise. This 2.8 kilometre route starts at The Fluvarium, a centre that promotes awareness and education of freshwater habitats. From there, the walkway travels through woodlands filled with the fresh scent of fall. Trail users will cross over murmuring streams and follow sloping paths that level out while passing Memorial University. This walk connects to the Long Pond to Oxen Pond Walk, a hike that boasts spectacular views of the city.

With a variety of trails to choose from in the St. John’s area, visitors are offered countless opportunities to explore nature within the city.


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