Victoria, British Columbia is the perfect place for a romantic getaway.

Victoria, British Columbia is a beautiful, small city that is filled with history. Its slow pace is perfect for lazy mornings and sunset walks. Its array of restaurants and attractions are always there if you want to pick up the pace.

Traveling to Victoria

While it is possible to fly direct to the Victoria airport, a more scenic way is to take a ferry over from nearby Vancouver. The Tsawwassen terminal, out of which BC Ferries services Victoria, is only about a thirty minute drive from the Vancouver airport. A leisurely boat ride through the calm Straight of Georgia and past the tree-covered Gulf Islands will put any traveler in the right state of mind for a romantic weekend.

Isabella’s Guest Suites, A Private Place to Stay

For those who want to be in the center of town, but want the utmost privacy, there is no better choice of accommodation than one of the two apartments at Isabella’s Guest Suites.

Willie’s Bakery, A Historic and Delicious Local Institution

That smell wafting up the stairs each morning is the fresh bread baking downstairs at Willie’s Bakery. Guests at Isabella’s receive breakfast at Willie’s each morning. Couples who would rather sleep in can stock up on goodies the day before and make use of the full kitchen in their spacious apartment.

The Fairmont Empress, Tea for Two

The grand 1908 Fairmont Empress is one of the most recognizable emblems of Victoria. Wandering around the Empress is a must for any visitor. Another must is afternoon tea at the hotel, an event that comes with sandwiches, pastries, and doting servers.

The Harbor, A Romantic Stroll

Afterward, a romantic walk around the harbor is just the thing to work off those scones. Local entertainers, like a violin-playing Darth Vader, provide entertainment and are guaranteed to keep wanderers occupied.

Thunderbird Park, A Place to Feel Small

Just a short walk away is Thunderbird Park, a small patch of grass containing several impressive examples of towering, intricately carved totem poles.

The Royal British Columbia Museum, Absorb the Area History

Also near the Empress and harbor is the Royal British Columbia Museum. Even people who normally avoid museums will like this one. There is an outstanding first peoples gallery, complete with a recreated house and a wealth of artifacts. There are also quite a few dark corners where a couple can sneak in a little snogging.

Rogers’ Chocolate Shop, A Decadent Treat

Anyone who wants to buy sweets for their sweetie should head straight to Rogers’ Chocolate Shop. Rogers’ confections have been around since the late eighteen hundreds and one bite into a Victoria Cream (preferably lemon) will answer any questions as to why.

Swans and Don Mee, Two Restaurants for Two

Those who need to eat their entree before dessert can chose from a variety of restaurants. The glass-enclosed pub at the bottom of Swans Suite Hotel is good for casual lunch. Don Mee, an elegant Chinese restaurant in the middle of Chinatown, is a great choice for a special night out. The fact that it has survived for more than eighty years speaks for itself.

Butchart Gardens, An Afternoon Surrounded by Flowers

No trip to Victoria is complete without going to Butchart Gardens. It makes a convenient stop on your way in or out of the city through the Tsawwassen ferry terminal. So much better than a bouquet of flowers, Butchart Gardens’ acres of roses, dahlias and cherry trees are the ideal place to spend the last hours of a perfect romantic weekend.


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