A unique attraction, the 34-room Roosevelt cottage is staffed with Canadian and U.S. interpreters. See the furnished rooms at FDR’s summer home.

The Roosevelt Cottage on Campobello Island seems the perfect family summer retreat: 18 of the 34 rooms at the cottage are bedrooms and the property fronts a beach. Lush gardens, interpretive displays, and rooms filled with original furniture and history make the visit worthwhile from New Brunswick (via Deer Island) or Lubec, Maine.

Watch a film and tour the museum exhibits to learn about the long-friendly relations between Canada and the U.S. Walk through the house (ask to visit the second floor) as knowledgeable guides provide details on the rooms, which often include original furnishings and Roosevelt belongings. Then, walk the grounds through the gardens and woodlands to explore the exterior buildings and the beach.

Roosevelt Cottage on Campobello Island

Purchased by Franklin D. Roosevelt’s mother Sara in 1909, the cottage was part of a once-thriving summer destination that featured large hotels and summer cottages. FDR with wife Eleanor and children spent summers at the cottage from 1909 to 1921.

The 34 rooms of the summer cottage feature:

18 bedrooms, including the master bedroom where Roosevelt became ill with polio at age 39
6 bathrooms, with running water from a gravity-fed system
Living room with fine wicker furniture and views across Passamaquoddy Bay to Eastport, Maine
Dining room with large table, laid for a meal
Kitchen, with a pantry display that includes canned and packaged goods from the early 1900s
Gardens with lush flowerbeds
Exterior buildings, such as an ice house and the foundation of an old summer cottage.

The house now can be visited in Roosevelt Campobello International Park. Admission to the exhibits and house is free. FDR Summer Home, off Route 774, Campobello Island, 506-752-2922

Other Campobello Island Attractions

The Roosevelt cottage sits amidst nature trails and shoreline as part of Roosevelt Campobello International Park. Drive to the border where a bridge connects Campobello Island to Lubec, Maine. Nearby is the Mulholland Light on Narrows Road.

Visit Herring Cove Provincial Park where a gray sand beach looks out to Grand Manan Island. The beach was a favorite day trip for the affluent families vacationing on Campobello Island in the early 1900s. Picnic tables, trails, a campground, and a golf course provide a variety of activities.

Follow route 774 to the other end of the island to admire Head Harbour Lighthouse, also called East Quoddy Lighthouse. A boat transports visitors at high tide while the lighthouse is accessible by land at low tide. The scenic vista looks out over the Bay of Fundy.

A ferry connects Campobello and Deer islands. From the latter, a free ferry runs to mainland New Brunswick.


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