With a population of 730,000, New Brunswick is the largest of Canada’s maritime provinces and home to eight vibrant communities.

Aboriginal populations residing in the province in the early 1600s played an important role in the survival of arriving Europeans and French navigator Samuel de Champlain. Early French farmers settled at the head of the Bay of Fundy and up the St. John River Valley and later the area became known as the Land of Acadie.

5,000 Acadians were expelled from the province in the aftermath of the British and French wars in Europe. Those fortunate enough to escape helped settle an uninhabited coastline along the Gulf of St. Lawrence and Chaleur Bay. Today this area is known as the Acadian Peninsula. During the American Revolution, refugees wanting to stay loyal to the British crown fled to Canada, landing in Saint John and incorporating it into Canada’s first city in 1785. Scottish and Irish populations, forced from their homes by political pressure and potato famine arrived in the province in the early 1800s.

Today, New Brunswick enjoys a vivid, multi-cultural and spiritual heritage where Aboriginal, French, British, Scottish and Irish traditions run deep. With a population of 730,000, New Brunswick is the largest of Canada’s maritime provinces, the country’s only official bilingual province and home to eight vibrant communities: Bathurst, Cambellton, Dieppe, Edmunston, Fredericton, Miramichi, Moncton, and Saint John.

Bathurst on Chaleur Bay

The city of Bathurst, situated on the beautiful Chaleur Bay, welcomes visitors with natural saltwater beaches, fine dining, succulent seafood, whale-watching adventures, golf, and spa getaways. Known as the city by the bay, Bathurst serves up warm hospitality and unforgettable experiences. Visitors to the city can take in the City Farmers Market, check out the Bathurst Marina, and learn the history behind all of the sights at the local Heritage Museum.

Campbellton and Dieppe

Campbellton offers a first-hand look at the wonders of nature. A climb to the top of the mountain at Sugarloaf Provincial Park allows for a panoramic view of the city, the Restigouche River, Chaleur Bay and the rolling hills of the Gaspe Peninsula in Quebec. The mountain also offers camping, tennis, paddle boating, skiing, snowboarding, snow blading, cross-country skiing, and snowshoeing. No trip to Campbellton would be complete without a visit to see the Salmon Plaza Monument, an 8.5-m (27.8-ft.) larger-than-life replica of the Atlantic salmon.

The urban centre of Acadia, the city of Dieppe has the largest shopping centre east of Quebec City and offers cultural and recreational activities, delicious meals, a renowned golf course, trails, and sandy beaches. The Crystal Palace Amusement park is the only indoor and outdoor amusement park in Atlantic Canada and is jam-packed with thrills for the young and old alike. For those art lovers, the London-Wul Fibre Arts Economuseum celebrates the ancient art tradition of handspinning.

Edmunston, NB

The city of Edmunston celebrates its legendary hospitality by freely sharing its history and culture with visitors. The city’s De La Republique Provincial Park is a supreme recreation campground located in a 108 acre park. Offering walking, jogging and cycling trails, volleyball courts, a horseshoe pit, a canteen and an Antique Automobile Museum, the park is the perfect place for year-round relaxation. Be sure not to miss the nearby New Brunswick Botanical Garden, a marvel of impressive mosaiculture spread out over an area of 17 acres.

Fredericton – Capital of New Brunswick

Discover rich culture, history, maritime hospitality, breathtaking beauty, family fun and award winning festivals in Fredericton, Atlantic Canada’s capital city. Fredericton’s Christ Church Cathedral dominates the skyline with its towering Gothic architecture. The Historic Garrison District, once a British garrison in the 1800s, is full of museums, art galleries, craft shops, tours, music performances, live theatre and even a daily changing of the guards. Once a hospital and war barracks, Old Government House is the official residence of New Brunswick’s Lieutenant-Governor. Tours of the grounds provide visitors with a glimpse of the province’s past, present and future.

The Miramichi Region of NB

The city of Miramichi takes its name from the world-famous salmon river that flows through it and is a city steeped in history and culture. The Ritchie Wharf Park celebrates the thriving shipbuilding industry of the past and today houses a nautical-theme playground, a boat launch, and live entertainment.

Bilingual Moncton

Home to a rich blend of English and Acadian tradition, Moncton is full of top-notch restaurants, a vibrant downtown community and a variety of festivals. Magic Mountain Water Park, Atlantic Canada’s largest water theme park keeps people coming back with attractions for members of every family. Restored to its original 1920s elegance, the Capitol Theatre showcases local, national and international talent year-round and is one of only eight such theatres in Canada. Be sure to take a drive to Moncton’s Magnetic Hill, where cars have been known to roll uphill all on their own. No trip to Moncton is complete without a visit to witness the tidal bore phenomenon at the Petitcodiac River. Occurring twice daily, the scenic occurrence is caused by the surging Bay of Fundy tides.

Saint John, Canada’s first Incorporated City

The historic seaport of Saint John is Canada’s first incorporated city and full of natural wonders, historic sites and unique dining and shopping. The Cherry Brook Zoo and Vanished Kingdom Park houses 38 species of exotic and endangered animals and offers free parking, picnic areas, canteen facilities, and birthday parties. Irving Nature Park is located just minutes from the city and is an oasis of forest and marsh, beaches and trails and contains no less than six different ecosystems within a 600 acre site.

With no shortage of beautiful locations to choose from, New Brunswick offers the true maritime experience around every corner.


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