Walk among the Flowerpot Rocks and on Bay of Fundy Ocean Floor

The Hopewell Rocks, also known as the Flowerpot Rocks, are accessible at low tide only. Walk on the ocean floor in New Brunswick, admiring these Bay of Fundy formations.

When the world’s highest tides recede twice daily from the Bay of Fundy, travelers can visit New Brunswick’s much-admired Hopewell Rocks. Often called the Flowerpot Rocks, the red sandstone pillars stand isolated thanks to centuries of tides, wind, and rain.

The Hopewell Rocks are an easy 40km (25 mile) drive from Moncton, New Brunswick: Take Hillsborough Road out of the city—the road becomes Route 114 following the Petitcodiac River and the coast to just past Hopewell Cape. Or, if traveling the Fundy Drive from Saint John, head east on Highway 1, then take Route 114 through Fundy National Park and Alma.

Visit Hopewell Rocks, NB to Walk the Ocean Floor

The Hopewell Rocks area is open mid-May to mid-October. Large parking lots, a new visitors center, a gift shop, and a restaurant all provide excellent services to those on a day trip to the attraction. From the visitor area, the Hopewell Rocks are a short walk along a forest trail. Alternately, a shuttle bus is available.

A metal staircase leads down to the muddy ocean floor where visitors can walk past, through, and under the Hopewell Rocks. Although some of the favorite pillar-shaped rocks are immediately visible, it is worth walking west along the shore to see the rocks at Castle Cove and Big Cove. A close look at the shoreline will also reveal future Hopewell Rocks as the coast is continually eroding to form new pillars.

With forest trails, shoreline walks, and sometimes muddy ground all being part of the experience, exploring the ocean floor does require comfortable footwear!

Hopewell Rocks Tides, NB

The rocks are only accessible at certain hours, dictated by the tides. Hours are clearly posted at the visitor center but many local motels and inns will also be able to provide details on the ever-changing schedule of the Hopewell Rocks tides.

Famous Flowerpot Rocks, NB

Ages of tides, winds, and other natural forces have carved the shapes of the red sandstone pillars often topped with scraggly shrubs. Some of the Hopewell Rocks resemble familiar forms and, as such, have earned fond nicknames. Individually named rocks:

Lover’s Arch (the best of the Hopewell Rocks for a posed photo)
The Dinosaur
The Bear

Maps are available at the visitor center, labeling these favorite Hopewell Rocks and other coastal features.

Hopewell Rocks, NB Accommodations

Although the Hopewell Rocks are a short day trip from Moncton, there are many motels and bed-and-breakfasts close to the Hopewell Rocks—particularly in the Hopewell Cape area. The Hopewell Rocks Motel & Country Inn (4135 Route 114, 506-374-2975 or 1-888-759-7070) is mere meters from the Hopewell Rocks turnoff, while Chocolate River Cottages & Campground (3471 Route 114, 506-734-1904) rates as another convenient option for those turning a day trip to the Hopewell Rocks into a weekend getaway.


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